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"This is a book that parents should have by their bedside...a book that child agency personnel and caregivers should read and recommend to their clients...and that teachers should apply in their classrooms."

— Roy W. Menninger, M.D. Menninger Foundation

How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children

Meeting the Five Critical Needs of Children...and Parents Too!

A group of people of multi-genrations and ethnicities

“By creating a positive atmosphere in which people interact with each other in ways that make everyone feel respected, important, accepted, included, and secure, we can become a powerful force for developing emotionally health and high-achieving children, families, and schools. And, who knows, if enough of us get involved we might just change the world.”          — Dr. Gerald Newmark, the Children’s Project


“...We pay a great deal of attention to our scholastic educations, which are formal and supervised, and we devote much less public thought to our emotional educations, which are unsupervised and haphazard. This is odd, since our emotional educations are much more important to our long-term happiness and the quality of our lives.”

—David Brooks, New York Times Columnist     Author,The Social Animal

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