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The Childrens Project Videos and Podcasts

We invite you to experience these videos and podcasts about the work of The Childrens Project, and the book, Raising Emotionally Healthy Children. They include discussions by experts in the field of psychology and child health who discuss the importance of raising emotionally healthy children.

An Introduction to How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children

A 9-minute talk by Dr. Gerald Newmark, author of How To Raise Emotionally Healthy Children on the five critical emotional needs from a presentation made to parents and teachers from the Salinas City Elementary School District, in Salinas, California.

First 5 Podcast: Emotional Health of Children

This audio podcast was developed by FIRST 5 Santa Clara County, featuring an interview with emotional health expert Dr. Gerald Newmark outlines the five critical needs of children and what parents can do to best meet those needs.


Part 1: An in-depth interview with Bob Brunson, LMFT

Bob is the Behavioral Health Services Manager with the County of Monterey’s Department of Health and a board member of The Children’s Project. He discusses the importance of raising emotionally healthy children.


Part 2: An in-depth interview with Bob Brunson, LMFT


Part 3: An in-depth interview with Bob Brunson, LMFT


The Childrens Project: Helping Parents & Teachers with Rhona Berens

Rhona Berens, PhD, CPCC, is a parent advocate and mother. Rhona serves on the advisory board of The Children’s Project and talks about how the work of the organization is benefiting parents and teachers. Hosted by Fred Arnold and Tera McHugh. (May also be watched above.)


Columbia Cares For Kids 2011

A 30-second commercial from the Week of Emotionally Healthy Child in Columbia, MO, featuring The Childrens Project


A Review of Emotionally Healthy Children by Education Book Reviews.