The Childrens Project:
Training and Speakers Available

Speakers from the Children’s Project are available to provide impactful presentations on “How To Raise Emotionally Healthy Children” in English or Spanish. Some organizations for whom we have provided keynote addresses or workshops include: Parent, Teacher and School Associations; child abuse prevention groups; foster care agencies; WIC (Women, Infant and Children) agencies; Head Start centers; breastfeeding groups; university classes; mental health agencies; migrant programs; elementary, middle and high schools, organizations serving children with special needs, and faith-based groups.

Subjects discussed in the presentations include:

  1. Introduction to the five critical emotional needs of children and understanding the importance of each in regard to emotional health.
  2. Recognizing the consequences of the neglect of emotional health.
  3. Combining common sense and systematic methods to create an environment where both adults and children thrive.
  4. Providing strategies and tools for adults working with children.
  5. Implementing ways to take a more conscious, thoughtful approach to teaching and parenting.

Trainers are also available for one-day “Train the Trainer” programs on “How To Raise Emotionally Healthy Children” and “Developing Emotionally Healthy Organizations.”

To inquire about scheduling a speaker or training for your organization, or if you are interested in becoming a trainer for the Children’s Project, contact us via email or call us at (818) 708-1244.