“This is a book that parents

should have by their bedside...a book

that child agency personnel and caregivers

should read and recommend to their clients...

and that teachers should apply in their classrooms.”

—Roy W. Menninger, M.D.

Menninger Foundation

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How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children, a parenting guide by Gerald Newmark, PhD, shows parents and teachers how to nourish emotional health at home and at school. Failure to meet the emotional needs of our children is one of the most serious and under-recognized problems facing our country. This book enables parents to recognize and satisfy the critical emotional needs that all children have: to feel respected, to feel important, to feel accepted, to feel included, and to feel secure and, in the process, parents will have their own needs satisfied too.

Dr. Newmark’s book has a compelling and provocative message about parent-child relations. It provides powerful and practical concepts and tools that enable parents, teachers, and childcare providers to interact with children and with each other in emotionally healthy ways. In the process, children learn to interact with each other in the same way. The book is a “wake-up call” to America that we are abandoning our children emotionally. Failure to support our children's emotional health at home and in schools is jeopardizing their future and that of our nation. It is called the “Missing Agenda” and the antidote is The Children's Project, a nonprofit, grass roots organization that provides the book at a special price to schools and organizations, and offers orientation and training workshops.

The Salinas Project: America’s First Emotional-Health-Friendly City

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How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children has attracted attention across diverse ethnic, religious, socio-economic, and age groups. It provides a universal language regarding emotional health that is easy for diverse peoples to understand and use.

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